Clergy, Staff & Leaders

People on steps, wearing red, in front of small white church

Bottom steps, left to right: Michele,-Vestry, Ron- Landscape.

Second steps: Fran-Vestry, Ellen-Treasurer, Carolyn-Congregation liaison.

Top steps: Sandra-Vestry, Mel-Congregation, Sharon-Warden, Gail & Warren-Congregation

Photo by Carl Sparano-Vestry


Woman with long brown hair in Red Vestments
(973) 334-3655

We welcome our new Priest in Residence, Reverend Sharon Hausman

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Class of 2021

Class of 2022


Fran Maenza - Class of 2020

Elsia Vandine - Class of 2020

Kathy J. Cascone - Class of 2021

Joan Magrane - Class of 2021

Carl Sparano - Class of 2021

Elected at our May 16th Annual Meeting

Vestry (1 year term) Cathy Riccobono

Vestry (3 year term) Sandra Lee Schubert

Vestry (3 year term) Michele Riegel

Carolyn Borlo - The Vestry Delegate for Transition



Other Lay Leaders

Sharon Liparini - Class of 2020

Ellen Bomser - Class of 2021

Gail Blowers - Class of 2022