Sunday Service - 9:30 a.m. August 22

Sunday, August 22, 2021 - 9:30am to 10:30am
Small white church. Gray roof. Steeple. Red door. Flagpole. Blue sky as background

The Sunday Mass, Rite II
Welcome St. John’s in Boonton! And today we do mean St. John’s, and we do mean in Boonton! The continuing downward trend in the metrics of the coronavirus pandemic allows us to return to indoor, in-person worship in our church building! But joyous as is our return, we have not returned to The Way Things Always Were. The infection-risk for Morris County has fallen two levels from the red “Extremely high” risk to yellow, “medium” risk. At our current level, we must still maintain those familiar practices that have seen us through so far, and some pre-COVID protocols may remain altered even when we return to level Green, “no risk.” For example, the live-streaming of our Sunday Services will continue for those who cannot be physically present with us, for any reason.

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Please review the following essential protocols and practices that will be in place until our Diocesan and State protocols are officially updated:

1) The congregation and anyone attending, must wear masks while in the church, and are encouraged to wear them outdoors as well. 2) The congregation and anyone attending, except those from the same household, must maintain at least six feet of space between themselves; prayer books or service materials should be passed or shared only between members of the same household. The same holds true for physical contact, including at the Peace. 3) Singing suspended.  Limited singing is now permitted. At St. Johns we will sing one hymn before the post-communion prayer, remaining masked and socially distanced. The choir will not perform until further notice. 4) At the Offertory, the collection plate will not be passed; instead, at the conclusion of mass, the Greeter will hold an collection plate in the center aisle, into which you can place your sealed pledge envelopes, checks, or cash, as you exit the building. 5) The bread and wine will be kept on the table in the church from the beginning of the liturgy, rather than carried up from the back. 6) While the public health emergency lasts, we will receive communion only in one kind, the bread. At the time of the communion,

a. Please stand and remain at your place in the pew, the Priest will come to you b. If you wish to receive, please hold your hands out in front of you, with one hand over the other c. The Priest will drop the wafer into your hands to avoid physical contact d. Please wait until the Priest is at least six feet away before lifting your mask to take the wafer. e. To receive only a blessing, please stand in place with your arms crossed over your chest f. Those attending via the Zoom Livestream will be led in the Act of Spiritual Communion. 7) The Clergy will not greet the People at the church door, nor will there be an actual, or virtual Coffee Hour until further notice. 8) The Service Music, such as the Gloria, Sursum Corda, and Fraction Anthem, have been pre-recorded to be played at the appropriate time. These sections are marked as (Recorded). Please do not sing along with these. At the conclusion of the Eucharistic Prayer, the Great Amen should be said by all the People in a loud voice of assent.

All those who are participating via the live stream of our service are asked to please keep their microphones muted throughout the service; however, we encourage you to read the People’s responses aloud along with us, wherever you are. Those on Zoom, please keep your mics muted throughout the service; but do read with us the People’s responses out loud.